The Book of Kells for iPad

Explore the manuscript page by page in high resolution


All 680 surviving pages of the famous manuscript


21 featured pages up to 6 times their actual size


Over 600 examples of letters, animals & other symbols

Cette superbe application permet de découvrir TOUTES les pages de cette merveille de l'enluminure qu'est le Book of Kells. Elle est très bien réalisée avec une belle numérisation, un certain nombre de pages que l'on peut largement agrandir, un index permettant de voir toutes les initiales enluminées, etc. Un excellent rapport qualité/prix.

– PatQC in the App Store

Number One in the App Store!

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The Book of Kells for iPad has topped the paid apps chart in the Irish App Store!

Number One in the Irish App Store

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded the app so far.


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Questions & Answers

Where can I find out more about The Book of Kells?

For further information about the Book of Kells, including the most recent discoveries and research, we recommend The Book of Kells by Bernard Meehan published in 2012 by Thames & Hudson Ltd. To view full details and to buy the book visit

What is The Book of Kells?
The Book of Kells is a manuscript of the four gospels written on vellum (calf skin) and completed around 800. It is the most famous manuscript in the Library of Trinity College Dublin. Renowned for its lavish decoration, the manuscript attracts over 500,000 visitors every year.
Why has The Book of Kells for iPad been created?

The Book of Kells for iPad follows on from the popular award-winning Book of Kells DVD-ROM which was available until June 2012. With its high quality screen and physical size akin to that of the manuscript, the iPad is the perfect platform to showcase the decorative skills of the scribes and the rich and varied colours used in the drawings.